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The Jolie-Pitt clan is seriously going to rule the world in about 15 years. Their small army of six is too cute for words and they each have their own personal style (or so it seems). I don’t even have as good of style as these 6-year olds!

Image courtesy of usmagazine.com

Check out this great article on the 7 wardrobe essentials that will help build and shape your closet. I have 4 or the 7, not bad!

Jersey Shore season 2 starts tonight, and since the Guido/Guidette craze has been so successful, we decided to change our style up here in the Tog + Porter office!

Sanctuary’s Olivia Vest was featured in In Style! Sanctuary is one of the vendors that we work with and we are excited they are getting the attention they deserve!

Check out this great article by Forbes.com on 10 Office Fashion Dont’s. There are some pretty good tips here! Ripped jeans = NO!

Image courtesy of Forbes.com

Fashion Captive, a blogger that we like to read, is doing a closet challenge! We think this is a great idea, because so many of us get caught up in wearing the same four or five outfits. My rule: If I haven’t worn it in 8 months – toss it!

Image courtesy of OKMagazine.com

Joe’s Jeans, one of our go-to denim vendors, is getting some attention from ABC Family’s new hit show Pretty Little Liars (yes, I watch it!) We just love these photos, they are stunning.

Fall Beauty Trend Alert courtesy of Elle Magazine: Straight Hair

Need something simple and quick to make for dinner? Try this pizza recipe, made on the grill! I’m hungry just thinking about it…


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We are starting a new weekly post in which we share some of the interesting links and articles that we have come across during the week! Look for it every Thursday evening/Friday!

Lindsay Lohan’s newest mug shot! That’s right, her newest mug shot was taken this week, and may I just say, she looks FAB in orange! It compliments her skin tone quite nicely…HA. Anyways there is speculation that she got her lips touched up for the photo…

Eat Pray Love is on my summer reading list, in fact I am about half way through it right now. Well, now they are coming out with a line of fragrances based on the novel, AND a clothing line! Talk about pimping something out…

As a Portland native, I feel like I know a lot about the city. However I had NO idea that Portland had its own fashion week! Here is the youtube channel for Portland Fashion Week, it’s pretty cool!

Mad Men starts in a week! Check out one of my favorite blogger’s take on Mad Men fashion. BEAUTIFUL!

Not only can you try to channel Mad Men in your closet, do it in your home as well! Look at this piece that Apartment Therapy did on Mad Men-ifying your home.

Fashion on your Fingertips – Too Much?

I LOVE that this woman’s “something blue” on her wedding day was her Louboutins… SO sassy.

Romper gone wrong… Sorry Jess, but this is just BAD. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot pull off the look. Just make sure when buying a romper that you get THE RIGHT SIZE! (loose is better)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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I have 2 current celebrities whose fashion expertise (or that of their stylist) I adore. The first is Camilla Belle.

I don’t really know much about this girl, besides the fact that 1. she dated a jonas brother (i don’t get it) 2. she is basically my age 3. her eyebrows kinda creep me out and 4. she was in that ridiculous horror movie about some cell phone killer or something….

BUT I also know that whenever I see photos of her she looks classy and extremely put together. I love most everything I have seen her in and she really knows how to dress for her body type. Observe:

Who is your celebrity fashion icon?

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This season I have been watching The Bachelorette and I cannot help but notice how cute most of her clothing and jewelery is. We all know she probably gets all this stuff for free, which makes me hate her a little bit inside, but I just wanted to show you some of the cute things that she has worn for her 25 hunky men (GO CHRIS L.!!!)

Here is what set off my obsession of watching what Ali wears this season. This gold and turquoise necklace paired with her simple, oversized t-shirt really stuck out to me. After I watched that episode I actually spent some time (like over an hour!) looking for that necklace online, because I thought it was so pretty. Ali’s jewelery on every show is unique and beautiful, but I really like how she pairs very simple, casual pieces with more dressy ones.

This black leather jacket was the second piece in Ali’s  wardrobe that I noticed. I love the gold detail on the zippers, and I just think this jacket looks sharp! She has worn this jacket more than once on the show, which I can also appreciate as I am assuming it is pretty pricey. Girlfriend has a level head!

Another reason why I appreciate Ali is because she has admitted that she doesn’t know much about fashion, and that she is comfiest in jeans, a shirt and some converse. How cute does she look here with her bright yellow tank top and purple shoes? I like that she feels fine when she is not glammed up and that a part of her won’t let the producers completely dictate what she wears.

Lastly, Ali can look really polished and put together. But one of the main things I have noticed about her is that she is always (almost, unless Justin is running away from her) smiling and laughing. Some find her constant giggle to be annoying, and at times it can be, but I love that she has such a happy disposition about her. You look best when you feel your best and that really comes through with Ali. I am excited to see what she wears to see her top 3 men’s families, and GO CHRIS L.!!!

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I have a new blog to check out!

J’s Everyday Fasion is a blog about a woman who likes to dress well, but like most of us, is on a budget. J puts together fun, mostly work-appropriate outfits that will have you experimenting with your own closet and wanting to go pick up some of the things she wears!

Check out some of my favorite outfits that she has styled:

photos courtesy of http://jseverydayfashion.blogspot.com

Her Mission: To inspire other fashionistas on a budget, share what inspires me and help others elevate their look without spending a lot of money.

I love this blog because she shows how to shop on a budget while still looking good, and also gives some insight on how to dress for a 9 to 5 work day!

Check out her blog at http://www.jseverydayfashion.blogspot.com/

for some great styling ideas!

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Without a doubt one of the more popular trends to take off this spring and summer has been the romper. Yes, you are now allowed to dress like a 6-year-old girl and get away with it. However, most of the designs are a little bit more sassy than the ones you wore when you were young. Some of my favorite brands have come out with fun takes on the classic romper. Here are a few:

Dolce Vita 'Hilda Romper'

I really like the one-shoulder trend lately and this romper got it right! Warning: To wear this bad boy you have to be on your A-game, it requires some major sass!

Joie 'Acacia' Silk Romper

This romper offers a little bit more coverage and is a little bit more dressy. I love the silk, and it looks so comfortable. The cuffed sleeves and shoulder detail give it that army feel that has been so popular lately. Added Bonus: Pockets!

Tulle 'Petal Sleeve Romper'

I love the floral pattern on this romper. It reminds me of one that I would wear when I was younger, but the bronze snaps on the front and back pockets gives it some extra flair. Add a stack of bracelets or flat sandals to accentuate them!


Dolce Vita ‘Jade Romper’

This romper is quite cute and also comes in black. The silky material is flattering and hangs loosely off the body. The back detail is done in lace, and in sits at the perfect spot to hide your bra.

Embrace the romper while it is so warm outside. After all, one piece of clothing and you are done! How amazing is that?

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Let’s admit it, cover-ups are the easy part. The actual bathing suit is where things begin to get difficult. Whether you prefer one-pieces or bikinis, the decision is one that can be particularly grueling, and make you leave the dressing room feeling self-conscious. I like to have different bathing suits for different activities. For example, if I know that I am going to be going to a river, lake or something more active, I wear one of my cheaper suits, that I don’t mind getting dirty or worn. However, more expensive suits are definitely made better. You pay for the quality. Here are some of my favorite bathing suit styles, varying in price range.

Juicy Couture ‘Halter Swimdress’

I love this swimsuit because it reminds me of suits from the 1950’s. The corset-style bodice and the apron inspired top remind me of pictures I have seen of my grandmother who was a swimsuit model for Jantzen. I love this style, I think it is subtly sexy, classic and flattering. I have seen a lot of this trend lately, and would really like to try to find an original in an antique clothing shop. Among the sea of over exposed, scantily clad bathing suits, I think this one would stand out in a crowd. P.s. Is it me or does this model resemble the Duffster?


Victoria Secret ‘Boho Print Banded Halter Top’

I have loved this suit for quite some time now. The color combination and the print are so vivid and bright. I also like the band around the waist and top. This suit would be great for women who are bigger on top and need a little more coverage than that of a string triangle top. This suit is perfect for the beach or a pool, and at the same time is sturdy enough to do outdoor activities without worrying about anything falling out. Added bonus: Great price level.


Splendid ‘Rainbow Stripe Suit’

Everything I have every seen that is Splendid is extremely comfortable. I can just imagine how comfy and soft this suit is. I like the simplicity of this suit. The stripes are great for the nautical effect, without being too ‘i just stepped off my sailboat.’ I love the color combination and the detailing on the top straps.


While picking the right swimsuit for your body is important, remember the most important thing to have is CONFIDENCE! If you go out there looking like you love yourself and are comfortable in your skin, people will not pay attention to your body and your attitude will rub off on them.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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