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Another lady who’s keen sense of style I adore is Zooey Deschanel. She is different and doesn’t fit into the “hollywood” mold. She tries new things and her style is part mod, part little house on the prairie. I love that she is not afraid to be different and how she plays with new looks.

What celebrities do you think do well at being different?


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I have 2 current celebrities whose fashion expertise (or that of their stylist) I adore. The first is Camilla Belle.

I don’t really know much about this girl, besides the fact that 1. she dated a jonas brother (i don’t get it) 2. she is basically my age 3. her eyebrows kinda creep me out and 4. she was in that ridiculous horror movie about some cell phone killer or something….

BUT I also know that whenever I see photos of her she looks classy and extremely put together. I love most everything I have seen her in and she really knows how to dress for her body type. Observe:

Who is your celebrity fashion icon?

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This season I have been watching The Bachelorette and I cannot help but notice how cute most of her clothing and jewelery is. We all know she probably gets all this stuff for free, which makes me hate her a little bit inside, but I just wanted to show you some of the cute things that she has worn for her 25 hunky men (GO CHRIS L.!!!)

Here is what set off my obsession of watching what Ali wears this season. This gold and turquoise necklace paired with her simple, oversized t-shirt really stuck out to me. After I watched that episode I actually spent some time (like over an hour!) looking for that necklace online, because I thought it was so pretty. Ali’s jewelery on every show is unique and beautiful, but I really like how she pairs very simple, casual pieces with more dressy ones.

This black leather jacket was the second piece in Ali’s  wardrobe that I noticed. I love the gold detail on the zippers, and I just think this jacket looks sharp! She has worn this jacket more than once on the show, which I can also appreciate as I am assuming it is pretty pricey. Girlfriend has a level head!

Another reason why I appreciate Ali is because she has admitted that she doesn’t know much about fashion, and that she is comfiest in jeans, a shirt and some converse. How cute does she look here with her bright yellow tank top and purple shoes? I like that she feels fine when she is not glammed up and that a part of her won’t let the producers completely dictate what she wears.

Lastly, Ali can look really polished and put together. But one of the main things I have noticed about her is that she is always (almost, unless Justin is running away from her) smiling and laughing. Some find her constant giggle to be annoying, and at times it can be, but I love that she has such a happy disposition about her. You look best when you feel your best and that really comes through with Ali. I am excited to see what she wears to see her top 3 men’s families, and GO CHRIS L.!!!

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I have a new blog to check out!

J’s Everyday Fasion is a blog about a woman who likes to dress well, but like most of us, is on a budget. J puts together fun, mostly work-appropriate outfits that will have you experimenting with your own closet and wanting to go pick up some of the things she wears!

Check out some of my favorite outfits that she has styled:

photos courtesy of http://jseverydayfashion.blogspot.com

Her Mission: To inspire other fashionistas on a budget, share what inspires me and help others elevate their look without spending a lot of money.

I love this blog because she shows how to shop on a budget while still looking good, and also gives some insight on how to dress for a 9 to 5 work day!

Check out her blog at http://www.jseverydayfashion.blogspot.com/

for some great styling ideas!

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…But maybe you aren’t. Enter the beauty of the bathing suit cover-up. If that New Year’s Eve goal to “get into shape” didn’t quite hit the ground running, there are always ways to work around the extra pounds. Cover-ups are a great way to hide your problem areas, but they are also a fun way to spice up your beach attire and add a little more coverage. Not only do they help to protect your skin from the sun, but they also show that you are well put together. I have seen quite a few cute cover-ups this season that I want to share with those who might be going somewhere fun for Memorial Day Weekend!

BCBG MAXAZRIA ‘Draped-Sleeve Button-Front Cover-Up’

This cover-up is a spin off the popular over-sized t-shirt trend. I love the botton detail up the front and the sleeves. This type of cut on the sleeve hangs low enough to flatter those who don’t have the best arms. The cover-up also hangs at a good length, long enough to feel comfortable if you are taking care of kids by the pool or hitting the bar. The subtlety of this cover-up lends itself to fun shoes or great accessories. Added bonus: White will make you look tan!

La Blanca by Rod Beattie
‘Tropical Tantrum Cover-Up’

I love the tunic style of this cover-up. The bright colors and pattern make this piece super fun for summer get-togethers. The only tricky aspect of this cover-up is what bathing suit to pair it with. I would suggest a simple, solid bathing suit, so that you don’t have a pattern overload. If you could match your suit with one of the colors in the flowers, they would complement each other very nicely.

Trina Turk ‘Sculpted Strapless Terry Romper’

This romper is fun an flirty. Romper’s generally look best on a smaller frame, but this black one will hide any problem areas that you might have in the midsection while showing off a lot of leg! Pair it with a really bright suit or something with a lot of color for a fun look.

Splendid ‘Rainbow Stripe Tunic’

This is probably the cover-up that I would pick for myself. I love the flowy material and the color is great! This cover-up would look awesome with a solid suit (like the model above) or a fun print (maybe a paisley). This cover-up is great for women who want to camouflage their midsection, while still giving their body some shape.

BCBG MAXAZRIA ‘Sleeveless Swim Cover-Up’

This cover-up is a fun spin on the loose hanging tank tops that have been so popular lately. The electric orange color will make you look nice and bronzed, and the simple design lets you play with some really fun sandals. I really like this cover-up because of how simple it is. Add a belt if you want to show off your curves.

Which cover-up is your favorite?

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I  know that I am not the only one stressing about what outfit I should wear on my graduation day. In fact, many people who just attend an event like this find them selves wondering what they should don to look good and be weather-appropriate. I have found some gorgeous dresses lately that we carry here at Tog + Porter that I want to show you. And I have a few tips to share with my fellow ladies about what looks good and what to avoid.

1. BCBG MaxAzria

‘One Shoulder Chiffon Dress’ in Bamboo

I love this dress because it is the perfect balance of dressy and casual. The chiffon material dresses up the more casual one shoulder design, and the pleating on the bust also adds to a more polished look. Yellow is a prefect color because it is springy and bright, but not too flashy. You could wear this dress as the graduate or as an attendee and look FAB. Also, play with different belts to make the dress look different. I love to add something a little edgier with a feminine dress to balance it out. Pair this dress with gladiator sandals for the complete look!

2. JS Collections

‘Cutaway Shoulder Chiffon Dress’ in Peach

I just love this dress. Again, chiffon dresses your look up a little bit. Try to avoid a cotton dress because they give a more ‘beachy’ vibe rather than special occasion. This particular style is extremely flattering on most body types. This dress will look great on its own, or you can pair it with a cardigan (especially if the weather is on the cool side!) This color again is somewhat muted but still embodies spring. This dress can also be worn as the graduate or the proud parent! I can see it paired beautifully with some coral jewelery. Gold sandals or flats would go well with this dress.

3. Velvet

‘Evelyn V-Neck Dress’ in Violet

This dress is great because it is a fun print that is still easy on the eyes. I love purple and I think it looks really good on a lot of skin tones. This dress would pair perfectly with a little cardigan. The knotted detail in between the breasts is also very flattering. However, I suggest this dress for guests of graduation and maybe not the graduates themselves. The more I have thought about graduation for myself, the more I have decided that I would like a solid dress more than a print. My reasoning for this is that in 20 years, if I look back at pictures of my college graduation, I don’t want to look completely dated. Solids are classic, whereas you run more of a risk of things looking outdated and old with prints.

4. VeronicaM

‘Flutter Sleeve Mini’ Dress in Maui

This dress is great because the pattern is fun but not too heavy. I love the colors in this dress, and I think the style would flatter every body type. It is also a little more on the conservative side, so women in all age ranges can get away with it. Flats or sandals would pair best with this dress, but you could also get away with heels. If you plan on wearing heels, make sure you are not going to be in grass the whole day (chances are that you will). There is nothing worse then sinking heels in the mudd!

If you like any of these dresses, we can order them for you. Remember to wear a fun springy color, but nothing that is too bright. Solids are a safer choice, but patterns can work too. Make sure that the pattern you choose is not too graphic and is easy on the eyes as I’m sure there will be lots of pictures taken!

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Graduation is right around the corner for me, June 14th to be exact, and I have been struggling with the crucial decision of what dress I should get for the big day! This is a big deal – I am done with school, FOREVER. Let me just repeat that, FOREVER. Can you tell that I am excited? Okay, I could go on about this for awhile…

I have been looking around at some of my favorite brands for dresses. I even let my O.C.D. get the best of me and created a work document with photographs of all the dresses and the details (price, brand, etc.) The more I think about it, it seems the tougher the decision. So this is where our Tog and Porter readers come in! I have decided that I need some help in making this decision, so what better way than to consult you! I will list the dresses, there are three to choose from. I will also show you all a picture of myself, because you need the full effect to make an educated decision!

Here goes….

Here I am in a dress. Use this when making your decision about which dress you think will look best!

The Dresses:

Dress #1

Laundry by Shelli Segal – Beaded Cotton Shift Dress

Dress #2

Laundry by Shelli Segal – Beaded Shift Dress

Dress #3

Laundry by Shelli Segal – Beaded Cotton Shift Dress

Dress #4

Laundry by Shelli Segal – Placed Floral Beaded Shift Dress

So here are the four candidates. Please take a moment to comment and tell me which dress is your favorite! I will be sure to do a follow-up post after the graduation to reveal the winning dress!

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