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Chelsea Clinton ties the knot looking gorgeous in Vera Wang…sigh

Actress Sophia Bush puts popular retail chain’s “pro-anorexia” message on blast.

Check out Ali Fetedowsky’s bling! The Bachelorette, (now engaged) said yes to Roberto on Monday and was presented with this lovely ring. We would say yes to that too!

Work your assets, girl! Michelle Obama jet setting in Jean Paul Gaultier, and showing off her amazing arms! We love…

Jersey Shore’s Snooki on the cover of the New York Times Style Section – Trendsetter or train wreck?

Dying for a good pair of these that don’t cause cankles!

T&P denim designer William Rast (founded by the fabulous J. Timberlake) will be debuting a cheap yet chic collection for Target this winter.


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The Jolie-Pitt clan is seriously going to rule the world in about 15 years. Their small army of six is too cute for words and they each have their own personal style (or so it seems). I don’t even have as good of style as these 6-year olds!

Image courtesy of usmagazine.com

Check out this great article on the 7 wardrobe essentials that will help build and shape your closet. I have 4 or the 7, not bad!

Jersey Shore season 2 starts tonight, and since the Guido/Guidette craze has been so successful, we decided to change our style up here in the Tog + Porter office!

Sanctuary’s Olivia Vest was featured in In Style! Sanctuary is one of the vendors that we work with and we are excited they are getting the attention they deserve!

Check out this great article by Forbes.com on 10 Office Fashion Dont’s. There are some pretty good tips here! Ripped jeans = NO!

Image courtesy of Forbes.com

Fashion Captive, a blogger that we like to read, is doing a closet challenge! We think this is a great idea, because so many of us get caught up in wearing the same four or five outfits. My rule: If I haven’t worn it in 8 months – toss it!

Image courtesy of OKMagazine.com

Joe’s Jeans, one of our go-to denim vendors, is getting some attention from ABC Family’s new hit show Pretty Little Liars (yes, I watch it!) We just love these photos, they are stunning.

Fall Beauty Trend Alert courtesy of Elle Magazine: Straight Hair

Need something simple and quick to make for dinner? Try this pizza recipe, made on the grill! I’m hungry just thinking about it…

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I have 2 current celebrities whose fashion expertise (or that of their stylist) I adore. The first is Camilla Belle.

I don’t really know much about this girl, besides the fact that 1. she dated a jonas brother (i don’t get it) 2. she is basically my age 3. her eyebrows kinda creep me out and 4. she was in that ridiculous horror movie about some cell phone killer or something….

BUT I also know that whenever I see photos of her she looks classy and extremely put together. I love most everything I have seen her in and she really knows how to dress for her body type. Observe:

Who is your celebrity fashion icon?

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William Rast Scarlet Short

When the summer sun emerges, so do shorter dresses, short sleeve tops and, of course…shorts. Cut-off shorts are all the rage this sunny season, and although they’re not necessarily new to our warm weather wardrobe, they definitely are improved. Both sassy and (acceptably) trashy, cut-offs are perfect for an evening cocktail BBQ bash or a night out with the gals and your five inch platforms.

Paige Jimmy Jimmy Short Sardinia

Paige and William Rast’s version of the summer short is flattering and fashionable without being too form-fitting (not to mention fabulous, just to make that alliteration even more fantastic). Match them with a sweet pair of flats or heels, throw on a cute tank, and hit the boardwalk (or sidewalk) in style.


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From our May 2010 Style Guide. All styles shown here are available through T+P. Interested in becoming a member? Check us out at: togandporter.com

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The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and spring is most definitely in the air! It’s time to get rid of those drab, far too practical winter coats, and replace your outerwear with more fashion forward selections. A good jacket is the perfect way to enhance your look when transitioning into spring. Here are the top jacket trends that I can’t wait to try on.

Trench coats: A perennial favorite, the trench coat is the ultimate representation of simple sophistication. My favorite trenches of the season are those with vibrant colors and unique details. The Kenneth Cole New York trench pictured below offers the classic fit of a trench with updated stylings like bold buttons and broad stitching.

Denim jackets: Denim is a classic material that’s making a comeback as a springtime staple. Dark, cropped or sandblasted, this seasonal trend comes in a variety of styles and can be worn in a number of ways. Try glamming it up with some chunky bracelets and layers of pearls, or, if you want to look super trend-tastic, pair it with some jeans that are a shade or so lighter or darker than the top (the raggedy denim suit look is SO in right now).

Twill: Twill is a great fabric option for those months when the weather is still wrestling between sunshine and rain, as it offers just enough warmth without being too cumbersome. Military style outerwear is huge in the current and upcoming seasons, and twill hoodies and surplus jackets are some of the easiest trends to pull off. This casual jacket piece pairs great with denim and can be girlied-up when paired with a sweet floral skirt and sandals.

A new jacket can completely transform your look, so get experimental with your choice of outerwear this season and go for something, bold, fresh and fun!

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