We’re so excited to welcome our new Stylist Maureen Borsodi. A native of the Midwest, Maureen is now based in Los Angeles and poised to make quite a splash with T+P. She brings of a wealth of styling experience working with top West Coast outlets Intuition and Kitson. Her eye for style, knack for being direct and down-to-earth personality make her the perfect fit for T+P clients. To Request an Appointment with Maureen, CLICK HERE and mention Maureen.


Links of the Week

Chelsea Clinton ties the knot looking gorgeous in Vera Wang…sigh

Actress Sophia Bush puts popular retail chain’s “pro-anorexia” message on blast.

Check out Ali Fetedowsky’s bling! The Bachelorette, (now engaged) said yes to Roberto on Monday and was presented with this lovely ring. We would say yes to that too!

Work your assets, girl! Michelle Obama jet setting in Jean Paul Gaultier, and showing off her amazing arms! We love…

Jersey Shore’s Snooki on the cover of the New York Times Style Section – Trendsetter or train wreck?

Dying for a good pair of these that don’t cause cankles!

T&P denim designer William Rast (founded by the fabulous J. Timberlake) will be debuting a cheap yet chic collection for Target this winter.

We are so pleased to offer a monthly auto-ship option to our T+P clients. Auto-ship clients will receive priority of new looks from our designers. All auto-shipments are shipped on the 15th of every month, which means you’ll know exactly when to expect your new clothes.

Auto-ship is the perfect way to plan your wardrobe, keep your closet fresh and manage your style goals and budget.

Save time by connecting with your Stylist to get yourself signed up, learn the details and decide what you’d like to get out of your next few shipments!

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August 2010 Style Guide

Happy August!

Double Tog+Porter Rewards for Referrals in August!
Invite a friend to join Tog+Porter between August 1st and 31st and receive a $40 Rewards Credit toward your next order when your friend completes her first order!

Fall fashions on the horizon…
It may be sweltering in August, but it’s only woman-nature to start letting visions of fall fashions jump through your head. It’s also the time to start putting in your fall requests! Our lines are offering some absolutely amazing looks for fall and it’s the perfect time to get a move on that fall wardrobe. We’ll make sure the pieces you receive will work right in to your late summer wardrobes for a seamless transition.
Consider auto-ship so you and your Stylist can easily plan your upcoming fall and winter wardrobes.

Connect with a Stylist
Ready for a new box, but having trouble connecting with your Stylist, contact the home office: info@togandporter.com today and we’ll make your order our top priority!

New T+P Website Coming Soon!
We’re so excited to launch a new T+P site in the next few weeks. Some of the updates you’ll see: easy access to our blog directly on the T+P site (until then, keep up-to-date at the T+P blog here and follow us on Twitter here), updated lookbooks, apparel pictures, trend updates, video style tips and lots more!

Save Time with Auto-Ship
We now offer a monthly auto-ship option to our T+P members. Auto-ship members will receive priority of fresh looks from our designers. All auto-shipments will be shipped on the 15th of every month, which means you’ll know exactly when to expect your new clothes.

Save time by connecting with your Stylist to get yourself signed up, learn the details and decide what you’d like to get out of your next few shipments!

UPS & Tog+Porter a Match Made in Shipping Heaven:
UPS is now our delivery service of choice. Please note that your return labels are now pre-paid return labels for UPS. Options for returning your box include: hand your package to your daily delivery driver, contact 1-800-Pick-UPS (742-5877), drop off at an authorized UPS drop off location CLICK HERE to find locations in your area.

Have a beautiful August and look for regular Style Updates in your inbox monthly and on our blog all year long!


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Links of the Week

The Jolie-Pitt clan is seriously going to rule the world in about 15 years. Their small army of six is too cute for words and they each have their own personal style (or so it seems). I don’t even have as good of style as these 6-year olds!

Image courtesy of usmagazine.com

Check out this great article on the 7 wardrobe essentials that will help build and shape your closet. I have 4 or the 7, not bad!

Jersey Shore season 2 starts tonight, and since the Guido/Guidette craze has been so successful, we decided to change our style up here in the Tog + Porter office!

Sanctuary’s Olivia Vest was featured in In Style! Sanctuary is one of the vendors that we work with and we are excited they are getting the attention they deserve!

Check out this great article by Forbes.com on 10 Office Fashion Dont’s. There are some pretty good tips here! Ripped jeans = NO!

Image courtesy of Forbes.com

Fashion Captive, a blogger that we like to read, is doing a closet challenge! We think this is a great idea, because so many of us get caught up in wearing the same four or five outfits. My rule: If I haven’t worn it in 8 months – toss it!

Image courtesy of OKMagazine.com

Joe’s Jeans, one of our go-to denim vendors, is getting some attention from ABC Family’s new hit show Pretty Little Liars (yes, I watch it!) We just love these photos, they are stunning.

Fall Beauty Trend Alert courtesy of Elle Magazine: Straight Hair

Need something simple and quick to make for dinner? Try this pizza recipe, made on the grill! I’m hungry just thinking about it…

Links of the Week

We are starting a new weekly post in which we share some of the interesting links and articles that we have come across during the week! Look for it every Thursday evening/Friday!

Lindsay Lohan’s newest mug shot! That’s right, her newest mug shot was taken this week, and may I just say, she looks FAB in orange! It compliments her skin tone quite nicely…HA. Anyways there is speculation that she got her lips touched up for the photo…

Eat Pray Love is on my summer reading list, in fact I am about half way through it right now. Well, now they are coming out with a line of fragrances based on the novel, AND a clothing line! Talk about pimping something out…

As a Portland native, I feel like I know a lot about the city. However I had NO idea that Portland had its own fashion week! Here is the youtube channel for Portland Fashion Week, it’s pretty cool!

Mad Men starts in a week! Check out one of my favorite blogger’s take on Mad Men fashion. BEAUTIFUL!

Not only can you try to channel Mad Men in your closet, do it in your home as well! Look at this piece that Apartment Therapy did on Mad Men-ifying your home.

Fashion on your Fingertips – Too Much?

I LOVE that this woman’s “something blue” on her wedding day was her Louboutins… SO sassy.

Romper gone wrong… Sorry Jess, but this is just BAD. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot pull off the look. Just make sure when buying a romper that you get THE RIGHT SIZE! (loose is better)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Another lady who’s keen sense of style I adore is Zooey Deschanel. She is different and doesn’t fit into the “hollywood” mold. She tries new things and her style is part mod, part little house on the prairie. I love that she is not afraid to be different and how she plays with new looks.

What celebrities do you think do well at being different?